Converting Fuse headers

Jesse Phillips jessekphillips+D at
Tue Nov 9 14:42:34 PST 2010

div0 Wrote:

> Well I don't like to discourage people, but a casual glance at your post 
> and the fuse headers suggests to me you don't have nearly enough 
> experience of C to succeed.

Thank you for the input. And I already figured quit a bit of effort would go into answering. I considered asking in a C related forum, but I don't exactly know what "C question" I'm asking.

> By the time anybody finishes answering all your questions they'd have 
> spent less time just porting the stuff themselves.
> If you want to port C headers you need to rack up a few months of 
> programming in C first.

Well, I do have that much C experience, but I suppose you're referring to more than personal/class projects. In truth I wasn't hoping necessarily for an answer, but good old, "You're doing it wrong" would actually be very helpful. I did attempt to solve the problem and these where the only areas I think something was wrong.

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