Signal and slot trouble

Peter Federighi pfederighi at
Sun Nov 21 10:47:52 PST 2010

Ahh...  My ignorance is showing again.

So, on the thought that the global declaration of the class just creates an
instance and doesn't actually allocate it in memory, I added lines to main to
'new' them.  It works fine now.  I guess I'll have to add some error handling to
make sure the classes actually exist instead of just using them.

I'd still like to know if there's a better way/native way to trap C style signals
in D.  Or is there a D way of programming a timer and finding terminal window size

On a side note:
What's with D not actually allocating a class in a declaration?  Isn't that
syntactically odd?  If I say 'int x' , I get an int.  I don't have to say 'int x =
new int'.  So, it seems logical to me that I should be able to say 'MyClass mc'
and get a MyClass.

Thank you for the help,
- Peter

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