Send never returns

Bob Cowdery bob at
Fri Oct 1 05:48:24 PDT 2010

 On 01/10/2010 02:42, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
> On Thursday 30 September 2010 14:21:24 Bob Cowdery wrote:
>> Is this a bug?
>> I've tracked down this particular issue. It seems that if a thread (B)
>> is spawned from another thread (A) then A can message B but if B tries
>> to message A it never returns. However, B and C can communicate Ok. I
>> did have three threads, A spawning B &C. I now have just B &C with a
>> receive loop in the main thread which appears to work. Everyone can
>> message everyone else.
>> I can't do this app without threads and I really want to use message
>> passing concurrency. If it's really unreliable that's going to be a
>> stopper.
>> bob
> I really don't know what exactly works and what doesn't with std.concurrency. 
> You'll have to mess around with it to see if you can get it to do what you want, 
> but I've given up on it for the time being. Some people are definitely using it 
> in code, but I don't know what they're doing with it and why it works (or seems 
> to work) when whatever I've tried to use it for has run into problems like the 
> bug I mentioned before.
> - Jonathan M Davis
There is definitely something not right with the error handling. Certain
errors will stop a thread dead with no exception thrown. I've just been
debugging one such thread and found I was calculating a very large out
of bounds offset for an array. When I fixed that I had another mistake
where the source and destination slice was not equal. In this case it
threw an exception.


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