Are there active D Communities?

%u ee at
Tue Oct 5 09:57:06 PDT 2010

== Quote from Nick B ("nick_NOSPAM_.barbalich"'s article
> there is also the tango community.
> check out here:
> Also many of these projects have IRC chat rooms, most of them on the
> server. "d.tango" is the name of the IRC chat room for
> general talk about tango.
> this group is quite active.
> Nick B

Although, I kind of wish that the digital mars newsgroups moved to, or
that somehow links to digitalmars.

Being new to the D Programming Language, was the first place I went to
for information.  And seeing that most activity occurred 2 years ago, I thought
the language was dead.  I didn't give up and that's how I found digitalmars

I suspect most newbies will check out and be turned off by how
outdated the posts are, and quit there.  Since first impressions are important, if
they get past that initial hurdle, they may always have in the back of their mind
that D is a toy language and never give it any serious thought as to how to use
this language in their current project at work.

I suspect that this happens, and that would be too bad.

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