Foreach and string to string assignment (maybe a bug..)

Andrej Mitrovic none at
Thu Oct 14 10:01:36 PDT 2010

I'm not sure if this is a legitimate bug or one of my brainfarts.

I know that if I'm using a foreach loop with a char array as a reusable datatype I definitely have to create a copy if I want to store it to a string.

But this code is a little more subtle, check it out (This is Windows only because it uses the registry, sorry):

module mymodule;

import std.stdio : writeln, write;

void main()
    Key HKLM = Registry.localMachine;
    Key SFW = HKLM.getKey("software");

    string[] names;

    foreach (Key key; SFW.keys())
        string name =;
        // string name =; // workaround for the issue
        names ~= name;

    foreach (name; names)
        write(name, ", ");

The results are quite unexpected. The strings get overwritten with each other, and in my case the results are similar to this:

Sun Microsystems, Sun Micros, Sun , Sun Micr, Sun, Sun Mic,...

And it goes like that for a hundred or so values, then switches to the next name and writes more garbage like that.

If I use .idup, the problem goes away. What I don't understand is why assigning a string to a string isn't safe in this case? They're both immutable, so I was expecting the contents of the strings never to change. 

If it's not a bug, it certainly is a subtle issue. The original foreach loop was quite big, and it took some time to figure out the problem. Are we *always* supossed to be using .idup in a foreach loop? Of course, the Key key variable is reused in the foreach loop, so I guess this has something to do with the results.

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