Any usable parsers for D2 around?

Andrej Mitrovic none at
Thu Oct 14 15:47:28 PDT 2010


I've been looking for a D2 parser.. there seems to be a few D1 lexers, parsers, and even some minimal semantic analysis tools but I can't find much of anything for D2. Perhaps Goldie will be D2 compatible some day soon. :)

There's a "CodeAnalyzer" lexer/parser with some minimal semantics, but it's D1 only and kind of dead for some years. The Poseidon author added some D2 support for it in his editor, so I have kept an eye on that. But interfacing with D1 code from D2 is kind of complicated, and I need to use it from D2. (I guess I could get away with writing a DLL with a simple interface for D2 or something..).

I had a visit on the prowiki site and most of the parser projects there are either D1-only or dead. So is there anything usable for D2? Specifically I need these tools for use with an editor/IDE, which is something I'm working on for fun atm. But working on a parser is probably a ton of work, + the whole thing screams NIH to me. Luckily enough I don't have to reinvent a GUI and an editing control, there's DFL and Scintilla which are pretty awesome for my needs. 

Maybe I should take a look at how Descent/DDT and VisualD do their parsing.. :)

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