Any usable parsers for D2 around?

Nick Sabalausky a at a.a
Tue Oct 26 22:25:50 PDT 2010

"Andrej Mitrovic" <none at> wrote in message 
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> Hey,
> I've been looking for a D2 parser.. there seems to be a few D1 lexers, 
> parsers, and even some minimal semantic analysis tools but I can't find 
> much of anything for D2. Perhaps Goldie will be D2 compatible some day 
> soon. :)

Any post about parsers always seems to lead to confusion: Do you want to 
parse D2 code or do you want to parse some other language *using* D2?

If the former, then, yea, like others said, I'd just use DDMD (In fact, I'm 
already doing so on a pre-alpha project: ). 
DDMD already has all (or at least most) of the semantic processing and 
everything ready to go, and that's the hard part; parsing is comparatively 

If the latter (parsing some other language and just using D2 to parse it), 
then if you don't mind dealing with trunk, Goldie has already been switched 
over to D2/Phobos. It just isn't quite cleaned up enough for an official 
release yet (the documentation hasn't been updated, the 
documentation-generating tool is still in the middle of being ported because 
it's waiting on a fix that will be in 2.050, and there's another small thing 
or two I wanted to get in). I can help you out with any troubles using the 
Goldie trunk if you want.

Sorry I didn't see this post earlier.

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