Restrict access to "critical" functions

deadalnix deadalnix at
Thu Dec 15 04:57:21 PST 2011

Le 14/12/2011 13:48, Timon Gehr a écrit :
> On 12/14/2011 01:28 PM, Kagamin wrote:
>>> Goal would be to have a possibility to compile and let run code from
>>> random people (some of them perhaps evil minded), watch over the
>>> processes and kill them, if they take too long or use up too much
>>> memory.
>> I believe this is what SafeD is for.
> SafeD eliminates the possibility of memory corruption, it does not
> prevent the program from messing with the system.

Nothing does expect thing that doesn't have side effect.

So basically, the OP only want pures function. They exists in D, but I 
highly doubt you can produce anythoing usefull using only pure function.

Even haskell has non pure functions (IO monad for exemple).

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