Reading about D: few questions

bearophile bearophileHUGS at
Fri Dec 23 16:34:44 PST 2011

Jonathan M Davis:

> The feature is new, so it doesn't 
> yet work in all of the cases that it should, and it's not entirely clear 
> exactly far it will go. IIRC, Daniel Murphy and Steven were discussing it a 
> while back,

I have very recently opened another thread about it, but unfortunately it didn't attract a lot of attention:

> and it wasn't 
> entirely clear that it ever would beacuse of the increased complications 
> involved.




>      return s ~ '.';
> as the type of the result is const(char)[]. I insist that it too should
> be castable to any mutable or immutable type.

Add a request in Bugzilla if it's not already present. I don't know how much complex it is to implement in the compiler.


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