D2 postgresql interface - Phobos2?

Piotr Szturmaj bncrbme at jadamspam.pl
Fri Jan 7 06:25:57 PST 2011

> How cool. Very glad you're going native D. I've used Npgsql a lot
> and also the more standard data.sqlclient interface from c# so I'm
> happy you're modeling after that API. In your "general" API, will
> you support the more advanced features like creating functions,
> refcursors, preplanning queries, etc?

I plan to support most of postgres features. Preplanning or preparing 
queries is already done using prepare() method of PGCommand just like in 
Npgsql. Cursors also should be available to users. In case of functions 
I assume native D functions linked to postgres. These must be compiled 
to shared library and loaded within server but AFAIK shared library 
support is not complete in D2 (maybe I'm misinformed?).
Also there will be support for other advanced features like asynchronous 
notifications (using NOTIFY channel, payload; syntax).

> Also, your base db object looks very usefull. Do you have any
> sense when you would have code ready for testing purposes (don't
> take this as pressure, just curious)? Or for others to review?
> Maybe people like Mandeep or myself could help on the coding
> front? As I guess a DB interface will be used a lot.

Non query prepared statements are already working. For general API, I 
need to finish query result handling and binary formatting of compound 
types and arrays. Then I will be working on ORM API.

I will post source code when result handling is done :)


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