Named tuple from struct

Guilherme Vieira n2.nitrogen at
Sat Jan 8 00:15:02 PST 2011

Is is possible to get a named tuple from a struct type?


struct S { int foo; string bar; }

S s;

S.tupleof t; // S.tupleof is a tuple type, as opposed to s.tupleof,
             // which yields a tuple instance

t[0] = 1; = "2";

If not, I think it would be quite useful.

Even still, a way to describe tuple types as if it was a struct would also
be useful:

tuple StructLike
    int foo;
    string bar;

StructLike t;

t[0] = 1; = "2";

Atenciosamente / Sincerely,
Guilherme ("n2liquid") Vieira
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