dmc can't find masm386 in path when building druntime

Andrej Mitrovic none at none.none
Sun Jan 9 10:45:02 PST 2011

I don't know what it is with DMC, but it's unable to find masm386 in my path. Take a look:

D:\DMD\dmd2\src\druntime>dmc -c src\rt\minit.asm
masm386 -DM_I386=1 -D_WIN32 -Mx src\rt\minit.asm;

Can't run 'masm386', check PATH

But if I run it manually:
D:\DMD\dmd2\src\druntime>masm386 -DM_I386=1 -D_WIN32 -Mx src\rt\minit.asm

Then it works. So what's wrong with DMC? I've put masm386.exe in the bin folder of DMC, it's in the PATH..

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