Assertion failure: '!cases' on line 2620 in file 'statement.c'

Don nospam at
Thu Jan 13 02:28:42 PST 2011

%u wrote:
> == Quote from Don (nospam at's article
>> %u wrote:
>>> Should I post it as a bug, even though I have no code to accompany it?
>>> I have no clue as to where to start my directed search for a minimal case.
>> Can you post the entire source code?
>> It's important that it be reproducible. It doesn't need to be minimal -
>> someone else can reduce it.
> I crashed it again :)
> Sorry, can't share the code..


> I don't really have any time atm, look at it again tomorrow.

It's in a switch statement somewhere.
It sounds as though this is a bug which involves multiple files, so 
it'll be difficult to reduce it.

If you're able to compile DMD, change this line in statement.c line 2620:

Statement *SwitchStatement::semantic(Scope *sc)
     //printf("SwitchStatement::semantic(%p)\n", this);
     tf = sc->tf;
+   if (cases) error("xxx");
     assert(!cases);             // ensure semantic() is only run once

and then you'll get the line number where the error is.
If you can provide the function which contains the switch statement, 
there's a chance I could reproduce it.

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