Link with C static library

alvinsay alvinsay at
Sun Jan 16 07:28:32 PST 2011

> coff2omf should work, but unfortunately it isn't free.
Actually, I downloaded coff2omf from
I used it to convert static library, and it says the input library is not import
Is that the same version as what you mentioned non-free version?

> coffimplib is free, but can only convert import libraries.
> You may try to use objconv:
> Though it doesn't work in all cases.
> Compiling with dmc solves the issue but is often tedious cause headers are
> different etc.
> Easiest solution if you can't do it statically is to use dlls.
Many existing C libraries are not written as dynamic libraries. Some C libraries can be
compiled as DLL, but in performance critical application, such as games, they must use
static link to increase performance. I hope there is a good solution for linking C
static libraries.

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