Development blog? D news?

Peter Alexander at
Mon Jan 17 00:10:05 PST 2011

Take a look at the website (either digitalmars, or d-programming-language).

There is absolutely no indication on those sites that the D language is 
actually going anywhere. Other than version numbers on the downloads, 
nothing changes. Outsiders have no idea what's going on.

Here's a suggestion: Why not start a development blog, on the home page 
of, or that Walter and/or 
Andrei (maybe anyone working on D) post to regularly? Things are always 
being discussed inside the news groups, and I'm sure other people would 
like to read about your thoughts on language and library design. More 
importantly though, it would show that the language is actively under 
development, and would get people excited about D.

I know that Walter and Andrei often post articles on Infomit or DDJ, but 
what's the point of linking people away from the actual D sites? Get 
people linking here.

One potential problem with this is that both websites seem to be raw 
HTML hacked together with no CMS to be found. I would recommend just 
starting over at with a Joomla install (or 
something similar). You could easily have it all set up in under a day. 
I'm no web-guru, but I could help out if needed.

P.S. Whoever is responsible for, please use The 'Library Reference' link has been broken 
for a while now, which is unacceptable when there's a free tool out 
there that will tell you about it.

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