How to use std.bind?

Sean Eskapp eatingstaples at
Mon Jan 17 09:03:15 PST 2011

I used to use boost::bind all the time, but std.bind has me stumped, as I keep
getting static asserts with a cryptic "argument has no parameters" message. At
this point, the code is just:

class Foo
	void bar(int i) { writeln(i); }

void main()
	auto foobar = new Foo;
	bind(&, 5)();

I've tried a myriad of different ways, but keep coming up with the same error.
Using bindAlias gives me an error that "std.bind.bindAlias(alias FT) is not a
function template.

I'm using DMD v2.051 on a Windows platform. Help anybody?

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