Source code annotations alla Java

Jacob Carlborg doob at
Thu Jan 20 12:43:21 PST 2011

On 2011-01-20 20:10, Trass3r wrote:
>> class Foo
>> {
>> int x;
>> int y;
>> int z;
>> mixin NonSerialized!(z);
>> }
> Had a quick look at
> 1. How come it works without 'mixin' in the template declaration (mixin
> template NonSerialized)?

I think it's optional, it works with DMD 2.052

> 2. What if several fields need to be tagged?

You use the mixin several times.

> 3. Is there a reason to use a struct instead of e.g. __nonSerialized =
> ["field1", "field2", ...]?

Hmm, I think I had a good reason. First it needs to be const so it works 
during compile time. But I think I used  a struct because I used that on 
another project which required more data than just then name the field. 
If I would store it in an array you could only do the mixin once, I 
think. And that would require you to use strings instead of aliases, I 

template foo (args...) {}

Does that work with aliases?

> 4. Couldn't that field be static to save space or maybe even enum?

That field should absolutely be static, I'm currently working on fixing 
that. I didn't think of that when I implemented it. This will also only 
work with one mixin (see the answer for the third comment).

/Jacob Carlborg

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