Assigning Interface to Object

Daniel Murphy yebblies at
Sun Jan 23 15:32:05 PST 2011

"Andrej Mitrovic" <andrej.mitrovich at> wrote in message 
news:mailman.764.1295584412.4748.digitalmars-d-learn at
> Speaking of COM.. has anyone successfully used COM interfaces in D2?
> I'm asking because a few months ago I gave them a try but I kept
> having random access violations. And I *do* mean random, sometimes
> adding/removing print statements that don't even touch the state of
> the program would cause a crash. I couldn't even transfer the D1 COM
> example to D2, even though the D1 example works fine.
> I might have to investigate this further soon.

Yes, mostly with DirectX.  One problem I think I ran into was that I found 
more then one definiton of IUnknown, and only one made derived interfaces 
COM interfaces. 

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