D1: out of memory

%u e at ee.com
Mon Jan 24 15:22:35 PST 2011

== Quote from Robert Clipsham (robert at octarineparrot.com)'s article
> CTFE and templates will use up the most memory - particularly if you use
> a lot of strings, as the memory allocated is never freed. You can work
> around it be compiling files one at a time or a few at a time, so
> instead of:
> $ dmd file1.d file2.d
> Use:
> $ dmd -c file1.d
> $ dmd -c file2.d
> $ dmd file1.o file2.o
> Note if you're doing this you may like to look into the -op option to
> avoid object file conflicts which will lead to linker errors.

Compiling main alone tops 400MB :D
dmd -c -w proj_1\main.d

The hassle is probably not worth the money for new memory.. if only I wasn't broke :D

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