How to break module into multiple file.

Matthew Ong ongbp at
Thu May 12 07:11:20 PDT 2011

Hi Adam,

Ok. Just to be very clear here. Please help to validate.

>Common interfaces for both HashMap, LinkedList and hashlist.

>But they should be all be in different source file(HashMap.d, >LinkedList.d,

To have import for:

module CornerCube.Collections

class HashMap{...}

I would have to layout as:

MyLib/Collection.d << HashMap, LinkedList, HashList within this file
The single Collection.d works for me but hard to maintain manually.

For this one I use import MyLib.Collection;


MyLib/Collections/HashMap.d << Single class file. but module Corner

This one I have error.
import MyLib.Collection;
This also I have error.
import MyLib.Collection.LinkedList;
import MyLib.Collection.HashList;
// Some sort of recursive import...

How do I import them within the calling class?

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