simendsjo simendsjo at
Tue Jan 10 11:59:30 PST 2012

Anyone using this module?
For a complete curl newbie, it's far from simple.. The names have 
changed, and are inconsistent. Is it CurlOpt.write_function or 
CurlOpt.writefunction? CurlOpt.connect_only or CurlOpt.connectonly?

I'm having a hard time finding any tutorials on libcurl. Or rather... 
I'm having a hard time finding example code on doing the most elementary 
task: Get a html page as a string! :|

The simplest c example shows how to do this in 4 lines, but not how to 
get the actual result! Where is the page I just downloaded?

     auto curl = curl_easy_init();
     scope(exit) curl_easy_cleanup(curl);

     curl_easy_setopt(curl, CurlOption.url, toStringz(url));
     assert(curl_easy_perform(curl) == 0);

And now..?

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