Absolute beginner

Joshua Reusch yoschi at arkandos.de
Fri Jan 13 13:34:28 PST 2012

Am 13.01.2012 22:16, Piotr Szturmaj wrote:
> Jorge wrote:
>> My first question si very silly:
>> string str = readln()
>> my input is for example 123
>> how can i convert this to an integer?
> import std.conv;
> // then in code:
> auto i = to!int(str);

the string returned by readln() ends with NL ('\n'), which causes 
std.conv.to to raise an ConvException. You also must slice it away:

auto i = to!int(str[0..$-1]);

or you use std.conv.parse, which ignores the characters after the value 
and removes the converted characters from the string.

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