immutable bug?

Era Scarecrow rtcvb32 at
Wed Jan 25 12:09:08 PST 2012

== Quote from Steven Schveighoffer (schveiguy at's article
> > //immutable should (i think) implicitly change char[] to immutable(char[])

> Your issue is here, (I'm guessing).  If do this (after slimming down to a
> compilable sample):
> alias immutable(NotePart) NP;
> then it compiles.
> Because the expression (guessing that you have NP aliased to NotePart)
> NP(...) is constructing a NotePart and not an *immutable* NotePart, it
> cannot resolve that part of the expression, even though the whole
> expression is treated as immutable after evaluation.
> Maybe there's an enhancement lurking in here...
> -Steve

 Perhaps that's it. I only aliased it to save on typing in this large block (some
200 entries). Easy work around since the structure is never used elsewhere (and
instantiated immutable); So I converted my char[4] to immutable(char[4]) and the
problem went away. But knowing it will be immutable later, it seems like it should
figure it out.

 This is one of those lesser details they will get to later. I am not going to
pester them, unless you think I should enter a bug report.

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