Clutter GObject bindings

Artur Skawina art.08.09 at
Sun Jan 29 15:30:36 PST 2012

On 01/29/12 23:51, Sparse Push wrote:
>> Done. Does the resulting clutter API look usable?
>> None of the new modules were tested - i still need code samples to port and time
> to fix any bugs.
>> artur
> Now I am going to feel bad if I don't create something awesome with it just as
> quickly.
> The API looks fine to me, should be enough to play around with it.
> btw. You should definitely post this to the clutter website.

I wouldn't be surprised - in fact i'd expect - that at this point the new
modules don't even compile. This is the first time i looked at clutter; i
wanted to port some toy app and use that for testing, but the ones i found
were either very unspectacular, didn't build at all, or were GPLed, which is
a very bad idea for an example. Even the C example from does not work
here (there's no cube, just the "Hello Cogl" line), so i'm still looking
for something that will let me show off how much nicer the D version is
(compared to all the C clutter code i saw so far, this is not exactly hard).

Until the bindings are tested and shown to actually work, announcing them
would be a bit premature. I'll try make them work in the next couple of days;
there's also a "mob" girtod git branch, that anybody can push to... ;)


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