RPC module for D ?

David Nadlinger see at klickverbot.at
Mon Jan 30 15:17:18 PST 2012

On 1/30/12 11:35 PM, Zardoz wrote:
> I try to build it and when i did make check to see it all works I get two fails :
> […]

Oh, I'm afraid you caught me in a bad moment – because the version for 
upstream integration is frozen at Thrift's JIRA, I've been a bit more 
careless with multi-platform testing when pushing to my GitHub master 
(resp. d-gsoc) branch than normal – was an artifact of IPv6 support 
being rolled out, should be fixed now.

Also, please note that the »all green« status on the project page 
applies to commit 73e7e5e (the one submitted for upstream integration), 
I didn't have time to check whether the IPv6 stuff works on Windows yet.


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