RPC module for D ?

luis luis.panadero at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 07:01:58 PST 2012

El Tue, 31 Jan 2012 00:33:36 +0100, David Nadlinger escribió:

> On 1/31/12 12:29 AM, Zardoz wrote:
>> At least I can say that the Tutorial client&  server works
>> (async_client not compile) :) . For me it's enough .
> Because you don't have libevent installed (the tutorial makefile doesn't
> have detection for that by design), or do you encounter another error?
> Thanks,
> David

I'm trying to compile thrift in other computer. I have libevent-dev 
installed and I download deimos/libevent and put D files in /usr/include/
d/deimos and add a -I/usr/include/d/deimos to dmd.conf. When I run ./
configure I get this :
checking for DMD... yes
checking whether DMD uses OPTLINK... no
checking for D module deimos.event2.event... no
checking for D module deimos.openssl.ssl... no

I need to add a flag to ./configure or do other thing to get working with 
libevent ???

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