directory wildcard

Jay Norwood jayn at
Fri May 18 20:46:29 PDT 2012

On Friday, 18 May 2012 at 22:10:36 UTC, Arne wrote:
> According to:
> it is possible to use wildcards spanning multiple directories.
> assert (globMatch(`foo/foo\bar`, "f*b*r"));
> But wildcards with dirEntries() seem less powerful.
> `c:\partial*\path\*.d`
> If I were to use:
> absolutePath + filter! + globMatch
> I would expand too many unrelated directories, no?
> I happen to know in my case that 'partial*' will match exactly 
> one directory, but I don't know the complete name...
> So am I left with tokenizing dirSeparator and 'cd' into one 
> directory at a time? Or am I missing some magic D function 
> which does everything? (wouldn't be the first time that 
> happened to me ;) hence my question).

I haven't used globMatch, but I've used nested dirEntries 
wildcard expansion loops.

I used SpanMode.shallow parameter with dirEntries to limit 
matches to one directory level.

I don't change directories with cd.  I just create a list of 
matches for the first level partial match, then create an inner 
loop that concatenates the matches from the first partial match 
and calls dirEntries again.

Here is a link to some code for the wildArgv single level search 
that I'm using.

This is roughly how I was using it, related to your example

	string[] argv;
	argv ~= r"c:\partial*";
	foreach( dirn; wildArgvs(argv[0..$])){
		string[] argv2 = null;
		argv2 ~= dirn ~ r"\path\*.d";
		foreach( filen; wildArgvs(argv2[0..$])){
                    do something with filen

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