benchmark on binary trees

Alex via Digitalmars-d-learn digitalmars-d-learn at
Fri Dec 4 06:06:26 PST 2015

Hi everybody,
this is going to be a learning by doing a benchmark test - post.

Found this "game" on the web
and wanted to experiment on my self, I tried to reimplement some 
code in D.

I did by reimplementing the C# version
and this:
by reimplementing the C++ version.

Besides the questions of improving both of them, which are 
important but only because I would... maybe... at some point... 
upload my code. For some DLang advertising effect ;)

The learning effect - questions are the following:

1. I wrote the C++ inspired version after the C# inspired, hoping 
it would be faster. This was not the case. Why?
This is a big question, as there could be just some silly 
mistakes of kind
"do not use this call, use this, and your program will be twice 
as fast."
to some mistakes of general kind like
"why were you so foolish, and didn't wrote the whole code in just 
one line."

2. I failed trying to implement some kind of parallelism in the 
second version. I tried something like

auto depthind = iota(min_depth, max_depth+1, 2);
foreach(dummy_i, d; taskPool.parallel(depthind))

for the for-loop in the main function, but then, the program 
never ends. Do you have a hint what was wrong?

3. The compilation was done by:
dmd -O -release -boundscheck=off [filename.d]
Is there anything else to improve performance significantly?

4. This is some ambiguous question. I come originally from the C# 
corner, so I natively think in terms of the first approach. Can 
one general make the statement, that for D one of the approaches 
above will be always faster then the other?

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