The @@@BUG@@@ the size of China - std.conv.d - Target parse(Target, Source)(ref Source s, uint radix)

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Mon Dec 7 14:32:38 PST 2015

On 07.12.2015 21:56, John Carter wrote:
> So whilst attempt to convert from a hex string (without the 0x) to int I
> bumped into the @@@BUG@@@ the size of China....
> Is there a bugzilla issue number tracking this?
> Searching for conv and parse  in the issue tracker didn't turn it up....
> Is this a phobos bug or a compiler bug?
> I followed the example in the unit test to get a workaround.... but I
> don't understand why the workaround works!

I'm not sure if there's a bug. `parse` takes the string via `ref`, but 
string literals are not lvalues so they cannot be passed that way. This 
should also make it clear why the workaround works: A string literal is 
not an lvalue, but a variable is.

Maybe whoever added that note thinks that string literals should be 
lvalues. That would make it a compiler bug. I think that would be a 
controversial viewpoint, though.

Or the author thinks that `parse` should work with non-lvalues. That 
would make it a phobos issue. We have for that, though. So 
weakening the requirements on `parse` isn't exactly necessary. Just use 
`to` when you don't care about popping the input.

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