How to return user name from vibed session?

Suliman via Digitalmars-d-learn digitalmars-d-learn at
Thu Dec 10 05:23:29 PST 2015

Oh, my issue. Right variant of setting session is:

     if(dbuser == "admin") // admin name hardcoded
        _auth.isAuthorizated = true;
        req.session.set("username", "admin");
         req.session.set("username", dbuser); //set current 
username in parameter of session name
         writeln("username from req: ", 
         writeln("user name is: ", dbuser);
         writeln(request["username"].to!string, " == ", dbuser);

But question about why I need to get session info like:

writeln("USER Session: ", req.session.get!string("username"));

is still actual.

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