I Did It! Calling D Library from Objective C in XCode on OSX

bachmeier via Digitalmars-d-learn digitalmars-d-learn at puremagic.com
Mon Dec 14 11:45:29 PST 2015

On Monday, 14 December 2015 at 19:15:22 UTC, Mike McKee wrote:
> On Monday, 14 December 2015 at 19:13:20 UTC, bachmeier wrote:
>> Is it okay if I copy your post to the wiki at this link?
>> http://wiki.dlang.org/Cookbook
> Sure! :)
> Feel free to fix grammar or anything out of sorts (or could be 
> better said), if you want. My goal is to enable more people to 
> be able to do this.


Anyone should feel free to edit it or move it to a better 
location. I don't know anything about this topic. I'm also off to 
give a final exam right now, so the only formatting I did was to 
highlight the code.

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