segfault in invariant { assert(super); }

SimonN via Digitalmars-d-learn digitalmars-d-learn at
Sat Dec 19 20:01:43 PST 2015


the following code compiles fine, then segfaults upon running.

     class Base {
         this(int) { }

     class Derived : Base {
         this(int a) { super(a); }
         invariant() { assert (super); }

     void main()
         new Derived(5);

Tested both with dmd 2.069.2 on Linux 64-bit, and on dpaste's dmd 

Backtrace on my home machine:

     Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
     0x00000000004246a5 in _D9invariant12_d_invariantFC6ObjectZv ()
     (gdb) bt
     #0  0x00000000004246a5 in 
_D9invariant12_d_invariantFC6ObjectZv ()
     #1  0x0000000000647bf0 in _D3app7Derived6__initZ ()
     #2  0x00007fffff7ff030 in ?? ()
     #3  0x000000000042301f in _D3app7Derived12__invariant1MxFZv 
         at source/app.d:7
     Backtrace stopped: previous frame inner to this frame 
(corrupt stack?)

So, looks like endless recursion inside the invairant.


1) Is this recursion expected?

2) The example is a dustmite'd version of this: I have a public 
final method Base.f(), and the compiler won't let me call f() in 
Derived's invariant. This is understandable, because f() is also 
a public method of Derived. However, I can call super.f() 
explicitly in Derived's invariant, with no compiler error. Is 
that expected to work, or should it lead to a similar segfault? 
(I get the segfault.)

-- Simon

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