How is D doing?

ShinraTensei via Digitalmars-d-learn digitalmars-d-learn at
Mon Dec 21 19:30:32 PST 2015

I recently noticed massive increase in new languages for a person 
to jump into(Nim, Rust, Go...etc) but my question is weather the 
D is actually used anywhere or are there chances of it dying 
anytime soon.
So far I've tried a while bunch of languages and i do like D the 
most, since i am used to C/C++ syntax also Java a bit, but i 
don't like Java.
Now i'm trying to can C/C++ and get accustomed to something more 
modern so D is my choice unless its a dead language.
I'm not looking into D for job opportunities. Just writing 
programs for my own amusement and maybe even profit some day.

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