How to config the GDC on linux target for ARM linux?

FrankLike via Digitalmars-d-learn digitalmars-d-learn at
Mon Dec 28 05:17:04 PST 2015

> About the first error ("...module wiringPi is in file 
> 'wiringPi.d' which cannot be read...") - are you sure that the 
> dfiles are in "./wiringPi/WiringPi/"? The compiler reports that 
> it can't find them there.
> You can try copying the WiringPi dfiles in the same folder as 
> "my.d".
> About the second error - you need to verify that actually 
> has those symbols that the linker reports as "undefined 
> reference". You can do this with readlelf or nm. For more info 
> see 
> here:

Thank you,but can you tell me that what is right way to use GDC 
on linux,such as d refer a c lib.
for eacample:
a.d refer  x.h x.c
how  do you build it by GDC?
what's your steps?
How to config the GDC for the thirty c lib and d files.

Thank you,waiting for your answer.

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