sanjayss via Digitalmars-d-learn digitalmars-d-learn at
Wed Dec 30 18:22:46 PST 2015

std.socket supports the socketpair() function, but it seems like 
this api is not really usable in any of the concurrency 
primitives supported by D. So what is the purpose of the 
socketpair() support?

Basically I am trying to create two threads and am trying to use 
socketpair() to create two sockets and use them to communicate 
between the threads, but none of the socket API's allow use of 
shared socket-pair (probably correctly so). So how else can one 
implement a foreground event loop that supports both key-presses 
and network socket events -- I was hoping to do the keyboard 
event in one thread and use the socketpair to communicate to the 
actual foreground event loop via the socketpair sockets.

Any help on how one would code this in D is welcome.

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