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Wed Dec 30 18:31:09 PST 2015

On Thursday, 31 December 2015 at 02:26:23 UTC, Rikki Cattermole 
> On 31/12/15 3:22 PM, sanjayss wrote:
>> std.socket supports the socketpair() function, but it seems 
>> like this
>> api is not really usable in any of the concurrency primitives 
>> supported
>> by D. So what is the purpose of the socketpair() support?
>> Basically I am trying to create two threads and am trying to 
>> use
>> socketpair() to create two sockets and use them to communicate 
>> between
>> the threads, but none of the socket API's allow use of shared
>> socket-pair (probably correctly so). So how else can one 
>> implement a
>> foreground event loop that supports both key-presses and 
>> network socket
>> events -- I was hoping to do the keyboard event in one thread 
>> and use
>> the socketpair to communicate to the actual foreground event 
>> loop via
>> the socketpair sockets.
>> Any help on how one would code this in D is welcome.
> Wrong tool for the job.
> You want message passing not sockets to communicate between 
> threads in this case.
> You're wanting the functions receive and send relating to:

Sure -- I understand the concurrency primitives, but what I was 
trying to achieve was to have a single foreground loop that could 
select on a network socket while also watching for a keypress 
(and in C socketpair is one way you would achieve this using one 
thread to listen for keypresses -- see How do you suggest I achieve this in D?

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