CTFE with C functions not possible?

Rikki Cattermole via Digitalmars-d-learn digitalmars-d-learn at puremagic.com
Thu Dec 31 04:35:06 PST 2015

On 01/01/16 1:29 AM, Shriramana Sharma wrote:
> Rikki Cattermole wrote:
>> You misunderstand, its hardcoded into the CTFE evaluator. That is what
>> an intrinsic is.
> What do you mean hardcoded into the CTFE evaluator? Surely you aren't
> suggesting that the D compiler contains its own implementation of the
> functions already implemented in libc?

Yes and no.
It has a small subset of functions which it consider intrinsics.
Intrinsics are only a way to tell the compiler hey go call x and give me 
the result.

Remember, if you don't have the source you can't execute it.
Unless you provide an escape hatch which is what intrinsics are.

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