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Thu Nov 30 20:49:36 UTC 2017


I have the following csv text;

auto input = "Start Date,End Date,Subject,All day 
event,Categories,Show time as
1/1/2018,1/1/2018,New Year's Day,TRUE,Holiday,3
1/15/2018,1/15/2018,\"Martin Luther King, Jr. Day\",TRUE,Holiday,3
2/19/2018,2/19/2018,President's Day,TRUE,Holiday,3
5/28/2018,5/28/2018,Memorial Day,TRUE,Holiday,3
7/4/2018,7/4/2018,Independence Day,TRUE,Holiday,3
9/3/2018,9/3/2018,Labor Day,TRUE,Holiday,3
11/22/2018,11/22/2018,Thanksgiving Day,TRUE,Holiday,3
11/23/2018,11/23/2018,Day after Thanksgiving,TRUE,Holiday,3
12/24/2018,12/24/2018,Christmas Eve,TRUE,Holiday,3
12/25/2018,12/25/2018,Christmas Day,TRUE,Holiday,3";

What is the most clean compact efficient/lazy way to produce a 
range that removes the first line and then retains the second and 
third columns of the following lines, basically producing this;

"1/1/2018,New Year's Day
1/15/2018,\"Martin Luther King, Jr. Day\"
2/19/2018,President's Day
5/28/2018,Memorial Day
7/4/2018,Independence Day
9/3/2018,Labor Day,TRUE
11/22/2018,Thanksgiving Day
11/23/2018,Day after Thanksgiving
12/24/2018,Christmas Eve
12/25/2018,Christmas Day"

Thanks a bunch

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