Passing to c++ std::string and vector

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On Monday, 30 April 2018 at 10:48:40 UTC, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
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>> Hi,
>> How do I pass a d string to a c++ std::string?
> The most straightforward way would be to create a C or C++ 
> function which accepts const char* and size_t and then creates 
> the std::string, in which case you pass it arr.ptr (or &arr[0]) 
> and arr.length from D (and you could create a D helper function 
> that takes a dynamic array to then call the C/C++ function if 
> you don't want to use the array properties directly every time).
> Essentially, you'll probably end up creating wrapper functions 
> for any C++ functions that you want to call that take 
> std::string, since there is not currently a straightforward way 
> to construct a std::string from D (there's Calypso, but using 
> it means that you're tied to ldc). Solutions are likely 
> forthcoming, but there's nothing production-ready at this 
> point. Do interacts reasonably well when it's operatoring on 
> pointers to C++ classes, but as soon as it has to deal with 
> construction or destruction, things get more complicated (which 
> means that C++ classes on the stack definitely get more 
> complicated). You can still get things to work, but it's 
> frequently not straightforward in the way that calling C 
> functions is.
> - Jonathan M Davis


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