Is it possible to translate this API's C headers?

spikespaz spikespaz at
Mon Sep 17 03:16:33 UTC 2018

There is a project that I wish to use from D 

It's Electron, but with forked WebKit and the samples are very, 
very fast.

This is a great compromise between wanting to have a very custom 
interface and not wanting to use the slow 

I am having trouble porting the C headers though. Firstly, I 
barely know C at all, especially not enough to do this. The 
extent of my C knowledge is terminal TicTacToe game I made three 
years ago.

I tried using all of the conversion tools under the "Interfacing 
with C" page of the wiki, but I'm getting import errors. Probably 
because the paths are all using "<>", expecting an include path 
from the compiler. I tried to solve this by refractoring the 
imports to use relative quoted paths.

But even when I fixed that, I kept hitting miscellaneous problems 
with MSVC, LLVM, and every other dependency under the sun those 
conversion tools needed. So I figured that Windows was just a 
crappy ecosystem, and tried it on Linux. No easier.

So now I'm here, a C noob, really wanting to use Adam's great 
project from the D language. The only barrier is my lack of 
knowledge in C. And I definitely do not have the means to port 
these headers by hand.

Could one of you give me pointers about how to go about this? I 
have the dynamic link libraries, the static libraries, and the 
header includes.

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