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On Fri, 2019-08-02 at 23:24 -0600, Jonathan M Davis via Digitalmars-d-learn
> The university I went to had an undergrad class on programming paradigms
> that I _think_ was required (maybe two even), but it was definitely just the
> focus of a small number of classes, whereas my experience is that you get a
> lot more out of it when you actually use a language with a different
> paradigm for a while rather than just doing one group of assignments in it -
> and when the class covers multiple programming paradigms, that also dilutes
> how much you get out of each. On some level, as with many things, a lot of
> it depends on how much the students decide to put into it on their own.

UCL used to have a 10 week module that tried to do three language to show that
different programming languages were best for different problems. Prolog,
Snobol, and ??? were the trio when we terminated the module as not being
effective. This reinforced having a third programming language module in the
compulsory programming sequence so as to have 10 weeks per language rather
than three. Still not really long enough but it worked a lot better.

I think universities will be far better able to teach programming now that
entrants already know Python (to a greater or lesser extent). The single
biggest problem will be (has always been) having academics on the staff
competent and willing to put on programming courses. Far too many academics in
universities are truly crap programmers and are the last people you want to
show their crapness to students.

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