LNK4255 warning - should I be concerned?

Dukc ajieskola at gmail.com
Sat Aug 10 13:08:39 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 8 August 2019 at 18:14:22 UTC, DanielG wrote:
> "warning LNK4255: library contain multiple objects of the same 
> name; linking object as if no debug info"
> Is there some way to get more detail about this warning? Might 
> help to know which objects ...
> My program is working fine now, but is this going to cause 
> problems later on? Like when I want to debug?

Let me guess, you're linking Vibe.D? I get those errors all the 
time while using it. Haven't noticed effect on behaviour but it 
might be related to why it won't compile as 32-bit.

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