Ethan: About your wpf/C# and D integration

Bert Bert at
Mon Aug 12 13:08:17 UTC 2019

One of the biggest issues I have with D is properly gui 
development. It's just a real pain in the ass compared to wpf and 

I'm curious about what you have done and if it would let me get 
the best of both worlds.

What I'd like to do is write the business end of apps in D and 
use C# for the gui(with possibly wpf hosting a D gui window in 
some cases for performance of graphics). I want to leverage D's 
meta programming to write efficient oop structures.

For it to work well the amount of boilerplate has to be minimized 
and the interfacing between D and C# also has to be minimal.

I'd have to be able to access the D types in C# somehow to access 
the data so it can be visualized. I'm thinking that D could emit 
some type of interface that allows referencing the objects in C# 
as if they were C#, more or less(doesn't have to be full blown, 
but at least fields and basic methods and properties).

I'm just not sure how much you've actually achieved in it or how 
well it works. If it's just as much trouble as using D directly(I 
use gtk and it works well for the most part but it's a little bit 
of pain in some ways).

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