can DDOC generate files names including the full path ?

wjoe invalid at
Wed Aug 14 09:43:10 UTC 2019

For example if the source tree looks like this:
>   foo/
>      baz.d
>   bar/
>      baz.d

and generating the docs with something like this:
>  dmd -D -Dd=docs foo/baz.d bar/baz.d

the output looks like this:
>  baz.html

one baz overwrites the other.

I'd like to have something like this:
>    foo.baz.html
>    bar.baz.html

There's the  -op  flag, but that litters the source tree with 
html files.
Neither the docs nor google 
provided any insight.

Also there's more annoying behavior:

- Documentation generation fails if  -version  s are not provided 
resulting in a rather long command and it's tedious to manually 
keep track of it. Is there a way to make it only honor 
version(none) and treat all other -version s as a given ?

- if the  -o-  isn't provided, dmd complains about missing 
symbols. Why ? -D enables documentation mode, doesn't it?

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