Cannot take the .keys of shared AA. Is this a regression in 2.087 or a feature?

Piotr Mitana the.mail.of.mi2 at
Fri Aug 16 08:16:31 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 15 August 2019 at 19:51:30 UTC, Jonathan M Davis 
> Not being able to implicitly convert to const is a bit odd, but 
> arguably, nothing should ever be called on a shared AA anyway. 
> If an operation isn't thread-safe, then it shouldn't work with 
> shared. To use a shared object safely, you have to protect 
> access to it with a mutex or some other synchronization 
> mechanism, after which you would normally cast away shared to 
> operate on the object as thread-local while the lock is in 
> place and then release the lock when you're done (also making 
> sure that no thread-local references exist when the lock is 
> released). Because keys is not at all thread-safe, I'd strongly 
> argue that it should not work on a shared AA, and if it does, 
> that's a bug.

OK, I get the point. So I should go with something similar to 
this, right?

import core.sync.mutex;
import std;

shared(string[string]) dict;
shared(Mutex) mtx;

shared static this()
     mtx = new shared Mutex;

void main()
     (cast(string[string]) dict).keys;

Or I could use synchronized, if dict was inside a class. Thank 

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