Blog Post #0062: Cairo Load & Display Images

Ron Tarrant rontarrant at
Sat Aug 17 19:22:54 UTC 2019

On Friday, 16 August 2019 at 12:44:15 UTC, bauss wrote:

> Amazing! You might be able to answer me something, whether you 
> could use gtkd solely for image manipulation using ex. Pixbuf? 
> or would it only work with the internals of gtkd? Like can you 
> manipulate the image and save it to disk etc.

Those are very good questions, bauss. I haven't dug in that deep 
yet, but I see no reason why Cairo couldn't be used to build a 
full-featured paint, manipulation, or structured drawing 
application. But it won't only be about Pixbufs. The Cairo 
Context seems to be where all the action is as far as drawing 
routines go.

Over the next few months, off and on, I'll be exploring stuff 
like that. I'm still working on getting through all the unsexy 
stuff first (the basic widgets) but every once in a while, I just 
have to let my hair down and do something that's a bit more 

After the basic image and drawing stuff is covered, I'll be 
digging into simple animation and how to tame the Timeout. Then, 
after a short side-trip to finish off MVC and do some more 
base-level widgets such as the Toolbar, Statusbar, and Expander, 
there's another Cairo miniseries coming up that covers nodes and 
noodles, something I've wanted to dig into for several years.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the kind words.

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