Pro programmer

GreatSam4sure greatsam4sure at
Sun Aug 25 21:30:10 UTC 2019

I am wondering as to what is the starting point of being a pro 
programmer. If I want to be a pro programmer what language must I 
start with?

Most pro programmer I have heard of are all C and C++ Guru. Most 
of the best guys on this D forum falls into that category.

I really want to know programming to the core not just tied to a 
language or just at the level of drag and drop or use a framework 
or library.

I will appreciate your help in this matter. I am ready to put in 
hard work. I ready know a little of java, actionscrip 3.0, 
kotlin, D but at the surface level but can use them to write app.

But I am concern with matter like how can I write a GUI toolkit 
from the ground up.

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