Using map result type

AA duser at
Sun Dec 8 01:10:21 UTC 2019

I'd like to accept the return type of map. From some previous 
questions that I should accept a template?
So for something like:

void mapAccepter(Range)(Range r)
     import std.array : array;
     import std.stdio : writeln;

     auto collected = r.array;

void main()
     import std.algorithm.iteration : map;

     int[] nums = [1, 2, 3];
     auto evenness = map!(n => n % 2 == 0)(nums);

1) Is there any way I can make `mapAccepter` not a templated 
2) Is there any way if I need to make `mapAccepter` templated to 
constrain Range to be a range of booleans.

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