A Quesiton for Mr. Adam Ruppe Regarding arsd.dom

Somebody somebody at somebody.somebody
Sun Dec 15 21:16:16 UTC 2019


I decided to use the arsd.dom library for a project, but I 
noticed that one of my tests was failing when comparing the 
expected data to the parsed data. Turns out arsd.dom's 
parseEntity function did not handle the entities that were in the 
document being parsed. I'm assuming that parseEntity only works 
with so many entities to reduce bloat, and modifying the function 
is trivial, but it's still a minor inconvenience due to having to 
manage my own fork. Out of curiosity, do you plan to add more 
handled entities in the future, or is the current amount deemed 


P.S. I'm very grateful for your work!

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