Fastest way to check if the bottom-class of a class reference is any of a set of classes

Per Nordlöw per.nordlow at
Mon Dec 16 14:38:59 UTC 2019

What is the fastest way to check whether a class reference is an 
instance of a
bottom equal to any in a set of classes? My current try is 
something like

class C {}

class X : C {}
class Y : C {}
class Z : C {}

bool pred(scope const Object object)
     return (cast(const(X))object ||
             cast(const(Y))object ||
             cast(const(Z))object ||

or is it better to switch on the non-scoped (via some existing 
function `unscoped`) part of the `typeid(object).name` like

bool pred(scope const Object object)
     const name = typeid(object).name.unscope;
     import std.algorithm.comparison : among;
     return name.among!(X.stringof,


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